Winston Graham was undoubtedly best known as the author of the Poldark novels which rapidly became a hugely popular cult television series during the seventies, being shown in twenty two countries around the world. Yet in his lifetime he was also known as “the most famous unknown novelist in England”. For an “unknown” novelist, who wrote over 40 widely translated novels amongst them Marnie, which Alfred Hitchcock made into a memorable film, he therefore did remarkably well as is shown by the enduring appeal of all his novels.

When it was suddenly announced that Hitchcock had managed to persuade the international actress Grace Kelly, eventually Princess Grace of Monaco, to play the lead role of Marnie, as Winston says in his autobiography ‘all hell broke over my head’ as reporters from all over the world instantly besieged him for interviews. After some months however she reluctantly had to announce her decision to withdraw despite the enormous sum Hitchcock had offered to pay her, as it seemed that the Monegasques took great exception to their fairy tale Princess playing the part of a thief and a liar.

Always by his own admission a very ordinary yet private man, there was also a hidden edge of steel and it showed clearly in the description of his dealings with the people filming Poldark for the BBC. At the start, he was virtually ignored, the producer even telling him that if he dared show up during filming he would be treated like an ordinary member of the public. By the end of course it was quite the opposite as they were only too anxious for him to begin writing a third series following up on the international successes of the earlier ones.Undoubtedly he could more than afford to take his time, but beyond all this his constant and deliberate attention and unyielding determination to thoroughly research and track down even the smallest of details was legendary. For example and among other similarly enjoyable tales, in order to learn about boxing when writing Angell, Pearl and Little God, he spent so much time in the Thomas à Becket pub in the East End that he was eventually treated as a regular, a rare honour in itself. To the extent that big fight promoters like Mike Barrett - and top international boxers like Henry Cooper - counted him as one of their true friends.

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