Winston Graham

Winston Graham was the author of more than forty novels including The Walking Stick, Angell, Pearl and Little God, Stephanie and Tremor. His books have been widely translated and his famous ‘Poldark’ series has been developed into two television series shown in twenty two countries worldwide. A special two-hour television programme was more recently made of his eighth ‘Poldark’ novel, The Stranger from the Sea, whilst a six-part television serial of his early novel The Forgotten Story won a silver medal at the New York Film Festival. Six of Winston Graham’s books have been filmed for the big screen, the most notable being Marnie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Winston Graham was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and in 1983 was awarded the O.B.E.

A truly memorable and wonderfully talented author who because he so deeply understood, delicately explored and sensitively portrayed the intensely moving emotional depths of all of his characters so well, made it for many almost impossible not to become that character themselves. One of those rarest of authors too who possessing the most wonderful sense of the ridiculous and that of the deepest pathos meant reading into the small hours simply became the norm. But perhaps the true mark of his genius was not just one's constant need to read the books over and over again but to discover absorbingly new emotional avenues and responses every time. Year in and year out. A gentleman who whilst always sadly missed will happily always be fondly remembered through his many cherished legacies. Therefore with the determined help of our new Society, may his memory and his many books long continue to be celebrated and enjoyed by all of his legions of faithful readers and fans worldwide. Past, present and of course all those very lucky ones in the future.